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About Us          

 Chai, was founded in 1979 with the goal of helping the needy in the city of Ashkelon. The organization was established by Rabbi M. Lieberman. His arrival in Ashkelon was sponsored by Project Renewal of England.

The difficult financial situation in Israel, affects mainly the lower socioeconomic class, especially in the periphery like Ashkelon.

The needy community in the city is increasing in quantity and in quality as the children, who lack minimal conditions of a stable life, grow up to be the future generation’s lower needy class.

Chai's attempts to assist the families in all of life’s stages beginning with assistance to women after birth up until helping to enter the job market. The organization runs a rich educational network beginning with nursery and preschool through primary and high schools continue. The full day system enables the parents, specifically the mothers, to work, thus filling a basic need in society. This gives them the opportunity to support their families with dignity. The education system also looks ahead to the future. The curriculum provides the students with a broad education. Alongside the Jewish studies they are taught a high level of general studies including computers and sciences which will enable them to leave the poverty cycle and integrate in the modern working world. Alongside the formal education the children receive enrichment programs where hot nourishing meals are provided daily. They receive help with schoolwork and enjoy diverse social activities.

Chai operates 5 day care centers, 18 kindergarten and pre1A classes, 2 primary schools, a girls high school, a boys Chassidic Yeshiva high school, after school programs and a library, and camps during school vacation and in the summer. These include camps in the Barzilai hospital’s children’s ward.

Assistance to the community includes a Chesed Center which provides hot meals to the needy in their homes, a clothing store which sells clothing at nominal fees, 2 seniors clubs, community activities during holidays, assistance to women after birth, helping immigrants and more.

The members of the organization run their programs independently with mutual assistance. 

The goals of the organization: Strengthening the ties between the individual and the Jewish nation and providing a comprehensive solution to poverty. 

Founder: Rabbi M. Lieberman 

Project Directors: 

Rabbi S Gruzman - C.E.O
Rabbi M Peles  - Assistant Director

Rabbi S. Cohen – Director of the nurseries and preschool system

Rabbi M. Garelik - Director of the Chabad House of Atikot, programs and activities, Rabbi in the Chabad Shul

Rabbi A. Kuskos - Director of the Chabad House of Afridar, educational library and new immigrants programs

Rabbi M. Burnstien - Director of primary and high schools

Collaborative Project Directors:

Rabbi C. Atias - Director of Eshel Ashkelon soup kitchen and Meals on Wheels, seniors day centers, Rabbi in the Chabad Shul

Rabbi S. Ochayon - Director of Chesed Center, clothing store for the needy

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