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אורחים / Guests
Mr. Shmuel Finel, President of the Chai  Foundation in France, visiting the campus construction site
Mrs. Edit Brener, a close friend of our organization visiting the educational campus.
1.	Meir Velanski and friends from London England during a visit in Israel
Roni Mahatzri, Mayor of Ashkelon, at a convention of Chabad Ashkelon
Rabbi & Mrs. Levertov  Chabad shlichim of Phx. Az. & Rabbi Levertov from N.Y. visit the preschool.
Rabbi Blau Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Ashkelon, tests the students of the Chassidic Yeshiva High School
Rabbi Helman, Superintendent of the Board of Education, visits our school
Dr. Abram & Beth Ber visiting with Rabbi Lieberman in Hebron
7.	Mr. Edmond Beck speaks with the children in a preschool class
The Mayor and inspectors of the ministry of Education are favorably impressed with the excellent schools of Chabad in Ashkelon
Rabbi Sharvit, the Chief Rabbi, honors  the gathering with Torah thoughts
Guests from France celebrating in a collective Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall Thank you to Chai Foundation
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